Director of Operations
Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation

Rubie serves as Director of Operations of the Cultural Arts Foundation and oversees everything related to its daily operations including, but not limited to, programming, oversight, payroll, FDIC compliance and funding. She played an influential role in the creating the Foundation as the organization’s non-profit arm. She is also the co-founder and Program Director of the School of the Arts Children’s Summer Camp, which has been in operation for about 11 years and has served about 850 youth.

She embarked on her journey with with Asase Yaa as a dancer in 2002, while she was still in high school, and became one of the core members in the creation of the Dance Theater’s performance troupe a year later.  Reflecting on her sixteen years working with Asase Yaa Rubie commented, “As a dancer, they made me part of a community of like-minded people outside of my traditional communities of neighborhood, work and school. And she added, “I’ve always been inspired and motivated to do the same thing for other children of color. I want to help change the trajectory of our youth by creating a community environment for them to thrive in.”

Rubie credits her education for being the driving force behind her multifaceted professional development. She earned a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Masters in Science Education. Later, returned to College and secured a second Masters Degree in Nonprofit Leadership. Her leadership and expertise in the non-profit sector has played an integral part in sustaining the thriving growth of the Foundation and maintaining their dedication to enlightening and promoting the importance and richness of cultural performing arts to youth and adults in their community.

Aside from those responsibilities, Rubie somehow still finds time to perform with Asase Yaa, which keeps her connected to her first love (dance) and has allowed her to perform and entertain for thousands of people over the years.